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do you find it intellectually hypocritical that there are those people who advocate the legalization of pot by reject the notion of?

legalizing all other illicit drugs?Why blame the drugs when it's the users who make the CHOICE?



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Do you find it intellectually hypocritical that there are those people who advocate the legalization of pot but reject the notion of legalizing all other illicit drugs?Why blame the drugs when it's the users who make the CHOICE?

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  • 2 years ago

    I think part of the argument is that hard drugs - heroin, cocaine, etc... - tend to be more dangerous. Even if someone were to have a problem with weed (psychologically addicted), they're not gonna OD and die. It's a solvable problem - an overdose resulting in death isn't. You also have issues with what drugs are cut with, or how they're made (read: meth, DMT in pill form, etc...).

    That said, I'm in favor of legalizing all drugs. If nothing else, it destigmatizes drug use to some degree, which lends to people feeling more comfortable/safe getting treatment. If regulated, it also helps solve (or at least lessen) the problem of wondering what exactly is in a particular pill. And, of course, if heroin were legal/readily accessible, fewer people would be shooting up (which would probably result in fewer overdoses, even if usage remained at the same rate).

    Statistically, drugs being legal doesn't actually increase usage. In some cases, it actually decreases it. And personally being from somewhere weed has been effectively legal for ages, and now living somewhere it's very illegal (and laws against it are actually enforced)... it really doesn't limit use, it just causes people to be more secretive about their use (which is really annoying when you know everyone's smoking weed but they're so afraid to say so that you can't even buy a dime off them the twice a year you actually feel like smoking... but I digress).

    ANYWAY... yeah, legalize it all, regulate it (so it's relatively safe), tax it (so it adds some revenue), have American companies grow/produce/supply it rather than drug cartels from over the border... and increase penalties for driving under the influence (if not to prevent people from doing so, to keep them off the streets for years if they do). Funny enough, many of the problems associated with harder drugs that make people iffy on legalizing them would actually be minimized/mitigated if they were legal.

  • 2 years ago

    There might be a case to be made that (a) not all drugs have equal consequences both at the individual and social level and (b) that opting to use drugs or not might not be as reasoned a choice as you would suspect, especially if you are a regular user trying to stop.

  • 2 years ago

    No on with 2 or more brain cells blame the drug. Nor do they blame the gun for shooting.

  • 2 years ago

    Part of my Libertarian-Centrist platform includes these consistencies on the liberty of choice.



    >Gay marriage


    I mention all of these topics, which should be un-restricted, by reasoning that "if you don't like (x topic) then don't do it. However for those who do like (x topic) government nor society shouldn't intervene unless a more serious consequence follows"

    Therefore, whether we're talking about Pot, Shrooms, or even Heroin, the choice is theirs. Once they start stealing, driving high or running around naked, that should be the crimes we focus on.

    Why is this consistent with gun ownership? Same premise. If you shoot someone you're in trouble. But it's the person's choice to involve themselves with guns.

    I hope this bit of logic makes sense.


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  • sats
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    2 years ago

    Some guy on bath salts bit a woman's face off in Miami. Do you really want to increase that?

  • 2 years ago

    Trump-supporting methheads and opioid addicts want marijuana illegal..

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Portugal LEGALIZED ALL DRUGS 8 years ago

    Drug use has plummeted

    Drug use is now considered a MEDICAL PROBLEM in Portugal

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