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Makeup brands?

Ok so I have a small YouTube channel and I want to start emailing makeup brands asking if they can send me some stuff to review on my channel, but I can never find their email addresses! I know what all of the customer service emails are but I’ve heard that customer service won’t respond so you have to use the brands press office email or something. Could y’all please comment some popular makeup brands emails (not customer service) so that I can email them? Thx!!

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    Just buy them. Getting them for free makes you look like a big kisser-upper and partial reviewer.

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    They don't publish those addresses because they don't want people writing them asking for freebies. You could try regular mail- companies still open envelopes. But it's unlikely that they'll send you much until you have a significant number of followers on YouTube. Post some videos using make up you own. Get some followers- then when you write, you can show how you'll be influencing customers.

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