How can I get my computer back to normal via BIOS?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    All you can do in the BIOS is select which device to Boot from and some of these newer systems have an option to Secure Erase (Wipe) a SSD. Secure Erase works on the Binary level in which it causes all cells in a SSD to reset to 0. So if your system supports Secure Erase and you have a SSD, You can Erase the SSD then reinstall the O.S. Or maybe you can force the system to boot the O.S. on another drive.

    If you have Windows 10, you can download a copy of the O.S. to either a Thumb Drive or a blank and unformatted DVD using the Media Creation tool. You can also use the Media Creation tool to download Windows 7 but you need to enter your Product Key number prior to downloading the Software. Using the Media Creation tool to download and burn Windows 7 is known to not work on OEM product keys. These are fresh copy of Windows which has the drawback of you having to download all the drivers for your system.

    With a name-brand PC, there is usually a recovery partition that will reset the system to it's factory settings with all the drivers and bloatware installed. nYou have to rapidly press keys like F9, F10, F11, Ctrl, etc unless you know what it is. Lenovo systems have a little hole next to the Power on button that lets you access the recovery partition and BIOS.

  • Fulano
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    Your BIOS doesn't control recover options, you still need something to boot off of.

    The BIOS is in charge of talking to hardware, and changing settings that make that hardware work.

    Normally when Windows gets corrupted it will still boot in a command prompt or safe mode which lets you fix issues. If things get so bad that it can't do that, you should use a recovery disk (Did you make one?). If the problem is something like a dead hard drive you'll have to get a new drive and re-install the OS.

    But I really don't have any idea what you mean by "back to normal." Like David said, if you update your question with more details, or ask another question, we might be able to help you more.

  • David
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    With no details of your computer, make model and operating system we are just guessing. Always give full details - remember we cannot see what you can

    Update your post and then we can tell how you can factory restore. In general the BIOS does not control recovery options - there may be a hot key you can press during bootup that activates the recovery process but we need more information

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