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Does $3,380 sound normal for fees and taxes for buying a $30,000 vehicle?

I've been interested in a Toyota Prius Prime for around 30,000 or less since there's both a $4,500 federal tax credit and a $5,000 state tax credit.

But trying to figure the whole cost, I was surprised at the cost for license fees and taxes when purchasing a new vehicle that's $30,000

According to the county's website there's a license fee based on vehicle age and weight with $150 being the average (although some calculators from nearby counties put the Prime at around $60 - $70).

The ownership tax is $535 (0.85 of MSRP x 0.021).

State sales tax is $870 (0.029)

County sales tax is $300 (0.01)

City sales tax is $1,200 (0.04)

RTA tax is $300 (0.01)

And there's a plugin electric car fee of $50

Which comes to $3,380

Does that sound normal?

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    Sounds about right. The sales tax is higher where I live though.

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    Sounds about right... 10%

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    No, that sounds much lower than normal. Sales tax alone is normally 6-10%.

  • 1 year ago

    It may depend on the state.

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    I don't know where you live. Where I live, there are no other taxes than the state and county combined, 8%. Registration fees including new plates might run about $80.

    I do know that some southern states charge a tax based on value, and that's a lot higher than what we pay here, but our extremely high property taxes MORE than make up for it.

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