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Is Trump's trade war part of the Conservative's plan to get rid of the small American farmer so these huge industrial farms take over?

Backfire economics – Trump’s tariffs are hurting US farmers and workers and putting the entire economy at risk

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    that's been going on for decades. In his heart, I doubt trump cares one bit about those people either way, but if there's a buck to be made for himself in the process somewhere, and there probably is, I'm sure he's right there helping it to happen all the faster.

    • I'm still waiting on the "how piece". You got a 0 on your assignment, ioerr. You'll be attending summer school this summer.

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    Farm bills are still there.

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    It was not Trump who started the trade war. It was Trudeau. NAFTA was broken from the start, and the US was not gaining a profit. Trump put the tariffs in order to bend a profit and have companies in the US purchase more steel goods locally to create more circulation in the economy, in turn having a more prosperous nation. Cuck Trudeau took this as an attack and started throwing Tariffs at the US. Little did little boy blue know, this was actually only hurting his own economy, because now in Canada we pay a lot more for our goods, while in the US it doesn't even affect them that much. Trump then threatened to put Tariffs on the Canadian cars, which would devastate our economy as punishment. It was Trudeau, not Trump

    • Whoever disliked this can tell me why they dislike it. Or they can move on with their day and I'll still know I'm right.

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    I don't feel bad for farmers of genetically engineered Roundup Ready soybeans. They made a deal with the devil (Monsanto) and have damaged the environment, maybe irreparably.

    That said, this is a war, maybe not a hot war but there will be some casualties. This is part of a larger strategy. I support the president.

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