Are there any good pokemon games on Xbox 360?

Hi, I got an Xbox 360 for my 6-year-old son last christmas and he's obsessed with

pokemon. After finding out it was originally a game series I wanted to know if there are any good games on Xbox 360

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    Pokemon has only ever been and will only ever be a game series released on Nintendo platforms.

    Nintendo is a partial owner of The Pokemon Company.

    There are many Pokemon games available for the 3DS family of systems. The cheapest way to get started would be to look for a 2DS (not the "new 2DS XL") which should cost about $70 - $80 for the system and usually comes with a game pre-loaded (look for a system that looks like a door stop wedge vs. a clam-shell system.

    Then the Pokemon games usually cost about $40.

    There is a new Pokemon game coming out this fall for the Nintendo Switch, but that is a much larger cost ($300 for the system and $60 for the game) and not really sure that I would get a Switch for one so young.

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      okay, thank you, I'll probably get him a 2DS for his birthday.

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    That's Nintendo.

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    Pokemon is owned by Nintendo which is why all the Pokemon games are only on Nintendo platforms - 3DS, Wii(U) and Switch.

    If he's really that big of a Pokemon fan, you'd be better off getting him a 2DS/3DS/3DS-XL and a couple of Pokemon games.

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    I don't think there is

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