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What is wrong with my dog?!?

Massive ulcer in cheek. Swollen larger than eye. Hole inside mouth large enough to fit my whole fingertip in. Previously had rotten chunk of tooth hanging at edge of throat. Just removed it but breathing problems persist. Runny nose on same side of mouth as ulcer. Wheezing through nose. Sounds congested. Gagging but nothing comes up. Can't open mouth enough to see any further. Won't eat. Barely even drinks water through syringe. Heart racing. Been like this for at least two days now. Asked vet for help. Said no help without payment. No money for vet. Solutions only please.


Are there any vets that will see a pet without full payment? I may be able to round up a few dozen dollars, if that much, but certainly not enough for anything major. Please, is there any chance of getting an affordable treatment for the infection?

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    I assume you are in the USA and not the UK!

    In the UK you `d probably get help at the PDSA if you had proof of low income.

    I cannot speak for the USA, but the Humane Society of the USA "may" be able to help.

    More info: >>

    It IS essential your dog gets treatment or it will get worse and the dog "could" die from infection.

    If needs be, sell your computer or phone to raise some cash.

    Or beg and borrow from friend and family.

    Source(s): Dog owner UK.
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    This dog likely has either an infection or cancer from your description.

    Only a VET can diagnose and treat tho. If you cant afford that, then turn the dog over to a shelter or rescue.

    This dog will die a horribly slow death otherwise.

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    So you let your dog be in agony? What owner would do this?

    Put it on your credit card and pay that off in installments. Or turn the dog over to your animal shelter.

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    No way anyone on YA would know, try asking a vet when you take it in to be examined, as you are required to do by law as needed (two days ago) in a timely fashion.

    Apply for Care Credit or something similar in your area, or sell something, computer, your phone, disconnect your Internet Service, instead of making excuses, otherwise you shouldn't have a dog period, turn it into a shelter/rescue or re-home it with some who may care for it properly and may actually Really Care about the dog's well being.

    Vets have expenses, student loans to repay, insurance, facility maintenance, supplies to purchase, besides personal expenses, and expects to get paid for their services just like everyone else, NILIF! Most vets have a tough time making ends meet just like yourself. You'd expect to be paid for your work as well. You should have considered that before getting a dog, as they're not a necessity, but a luxury.

    Failure to provide vet care as needed is a felony, punishable by fines/jail time a lot more than any vet visit or even and emergency vet visit. As well as a felony record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

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    Your dog's biggest problem is having such a HORRIBLE owner! Why would a vet work for free? Do mechanics work for free? Do house painters work for free? They're a BUSINESS like any other and if you end up not paying them (which I'm CERTAIN would be the case!) what's their recourse? Repo the dog??? Get freaking real.

    WTF? Surrender it to a no-kill shelter. You are DISGUSTING. Tracking your IP address and sending this admission of FELONY ANIMAL NEGLECT to your local Animal Control.

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    If this is a real question, if you don't take your dog to the vet NOW, it's going to die.

    What would you think of your child or YOU had a massive swelling (horrible site of infection), a hole in your face (where the infection is draining), and a piece of dangling/rotted tooth?

    Use CareCredit, borrow the money, or ask a rescue league to take the dog. He is likely not to even make it through the night.

    If you have any antibiotics at home, figure out the dosage for the dog, and give it to the dog. This could kill him, too, since you don't really know exact dosage. Get cloths and dip in warm salt water and soak the area to draw the infection out. But without veterinary care, your dog is going to die.

    He may have sepsis, which would mean infection in his whole body. Try a different vet and ask for CareCredit. Or find an animal rescue league.

    I would consider contacting the Humane Society and ask them. They may know of a vet who will help. Tell them how very serious this is.

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    I really don't understand why you've come here for answers when it's quite clear from your 'question' that your poor dog needs a vet ASAP. If you leave it because of money issues, it will only get worse and in most countries now, owners are LEGALLY required to provide treatment, when needed. Clearly this is a 'needed' situation.

    In another 2 days, your poor suffering dog could well be dead. Fix it!

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    Your dog is suffering from a massive infection and needs a veterinarian. There is nothing you can do for a problem of this magnitude at home. If you cannot afford vet care, surrender him to a shelter or rescue so at least he'll have a chance at survival. Left untreated, your dog is likely to be dead in short order.

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