How long would this tattoo take ?

I am 18, and I have been wanting to get this particular tattoo since I was 15 (but obviously I was too young), but I want to get a semicolon with the top dot turned into a heart, and the date 2-21-15 written vertically to the left of the semicolon. I want to get this on my inner right wrist. I was wondering though, how long would that take ( I want the semicolon and date pretty small), and how painful it would be on the inner wrist ( feel free to suggest other locations that could be less painful ) ? I have heard the pain compared to that of a cat scratching a sunburn, but that doesn't give me a very good idea. I was wondering if anyone on here could provide some insight. Thanks :)

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    Its not going to take very long, but it depends on the speed your artists works at of course

    you don't want someone who rushes their work, you don't decide to get a tattoo based on how quickly you can get it

    What you have been told (cat scratching/sunburn) IS as good as you are going to get RE description of how it feels, its not THAT sore, think about it, people wouldn't be covered in ink if it was unbearable.

    You will be able to sit to have what you want done

    Have a light meal an hour before you go, keep hydrated and you will be fine

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