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Why do girls cry over celebrities ?

My sister is obsessed with Kate Jackson she's loved her since she was a teenager when she first watched Charlie's Angels she's seen her in other shows too but that's her favorire she watches it every night. Her dream is to be an actress like her she also has a crush on her she's not a lesbian it's just a celebrity crush. She knows she's probably too old for her but she don't care her son is the same age as her but she's not interested in him. When she found out she had breast cancer she got really worried about her she still gets worried. Her other dream is to be in a movie or a show with her one day but she said she doesn't act anymore. She also said she read an article about her from 2 years ago it said she's like her she's shy and very quiet but unlike her she's not very nice. One of her neighbors said she's really mean and a spoiled brat. She said she had a dream about her that she and her were together but she got upset because she knew it was only a dream also since she's really shy she be too scared to talk to her or ask her out anyway she gets nervous especially around celebrities. Why do girls cry over them and make such a big deal about them ?

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    Actors and singers are national treasures who have gone public and shower their golden personalities on us all.

    They are virtuous and beautiful people who have succeeded in the world and serve as good examples and teachers.

    They live like gods in Italy while scientists are probably poisoning themselves and who knows what for?

    A smiling happy face gives so much more to the world than all the other people competing for money and despoiling the world.

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    Some girls do. others don't.

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