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Is this too much to eat in a day? Calorie guess?

Lately I ve been premaking all my meals for the week so this type of diet is pretty consistent for me. 

Breakfast- Olly nourishing smoothie powder with coconut milk 

Lunch- spinach wrap (hummus, beans and veggies) apples with peanut butter 

Snack- carrots, bell pepper and a boiled egg, coffee with cream 

Dinner- quinoa with veggies and chickpeas with sauces depending on the day 

I m not used to eating this much but since I m eating lower calorie foods I ve been needing to eat more often. Is eating this much okay for weight loss? I live a fairly active lifestyle. I m on my feet most of the day. I know I already asked this but I wanted to add that I have medical issues that keep me from eating meat. How many calories would you think this is? Should I be eating less to lose 10lbs by October? I used to have disordered eating so my instinct is to starve but I'm trying to lose weight in a healthy way now. I'm currently at the higher end of a healthy BMI for my age and height where I wish to be at the lower end but still in the healthy range. I try to exercise for a least a little bit a day but I'm sickly and I work 2 jobs so it doesn't always happen. Also, if anyone has suggestions about how to deal with 'bad' eating days without wanting to vomit it would help me out.

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