How would you go about letting this girl down? Answer and I’ll answer 1 for you!?

Me and this girl are both in college and she has this huge crush on me. I feel dumb not liking her back b/c she’s nice and has a good personality, but I don’t get anxious or butterflies when I’m about to see her and don’t get excited at the chance to text with her (if anything I wish she wouldn’t text as much). If I’m like this now, I feel like it would only get worse after 1-2 months if we dated. I would rather say I want to just be friends in person, but since we haven’t hung out just us yet, I’m afraid she’ll take it as a date. What would you do?

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    It's obvious you like her as a person, but are just not attractive to her. So be honest with her and tell her there isn't enough challenge and interest for you to be romantically interest in her. The best you can do is give her a clear reason for your no, so that hopefully she can become more successful at her next romantic interest. There is no easy way to turn anyone down, odds are you will lose her as a friend. But always leave the door open for her to come back.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Tell her you’re not interested. Be plain with her. Tell her she might be being a little picky/greedy in going for you, that you don’t find her attractive, and that perhaps it’s best for her if she lowers her standards. Say there’s plenty of guys less attractive than you (you the asker/guy) who would be willing to date her. Tell her she’s currently trying to fish a little out of her league

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