What is a California Designated Representative training course?

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  • 2 years ago

    First, some background. The California State Board of Pharmacy (the "Board") is in charge of licensing companies that are drug-device wholesalers, third-party logistics providers (3PL), and reverse distributors, and more. This means these companies need to get a facility license from the Board to run their businesses.

    Second, there needs to be a person who supervises the business operation. From a licensing standpoint, that "supervisor" needs a license too. The supervisor could be a pharmacist, or somebody called a "Designated Representative."

    Third, here's the answer. The Designated Representative license applicant needs to submit an application package that involves proving qualifications & experience, fingerprints, and proof of completing a very specific training program (i.e., the training affidavit form). Training programs must be accepted by the Board, and must cover topics specified by the application form. Typically, when the "student" successfully completes a qualifying training course, class, or seminar, they earn a training affidavit. The training affidavit is submitted as one of many parts of the entire Designated Representative application package of forms.

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