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How To Overcome My Depression?

Hey! I’ve recently left a psych ward for depression and wanted to know if anyone had an advice for someone trying to overcome severe depression. I’m new to a state and have already graduated school. I have no friends and on the days when I start to become depressed and hopeless, I’m not quite sure how to get out there and overcome these feelings. I’m 19 and work with a bunch of older people so that didn’t really help with friends :/ any advice would be great! Thank you

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    Think about that first answer "take yoga" - for two reasons. Number 1 - there's evidence that yoga can help with depression. I'm not saying it's as good as Prozac but studies have shown that it's one of the things that can help, along with the standard depression treatments. Number 2, and possibly the most important, is that a yoga class is a place where you can meet people.

    The beauty of this is that the classes that have the most people - and the most opportunities for getting to know people - are the least expensive ones. If you live in a big city, there could be a lot of free yoga classes you can go to.

    The word "yoga" is used for different things. There's been really good results with slow breathing. It's used for a number of problems, including panic disorder and PTSD. Anything that's good for stress is good for depression. It's excellent for prevention and it can help with recovery from a case of depression.

    This is a conversational nugget you can share with somebody at a yoga class - 3 research teams have shown that breathing therapy helps victims of trauma. In the Seppala study, follow-up a year after the 1-week treatment still showed good results.

    I have details about breathing therapy, a video with a talk by Dr Seppala, and breathing exercises you can do, in my recent answers.

    I've answered a lot of depression questions, with advice from experts about standard treatments and self-help. Just click on my name and read.

    The self-help things I mention are the basic lifestyle program developed at the Univ of Kansas by Stephen Ilardi and what they call mind-body therapy - stress reduction things like slow breathing, tai chi exercise, yoga, and meditation. Meditation is not the easiest to learn but you might want to try it.

    Among the things that might interest you in my answers - advice for social skills and social anxiety. Social anxiety is about the most common problem we see here. A lot of people have trouble making friends and want advice for this.

    A very good way to meet people is to volunteer. Volunteer sources - craigslist, volunteer match, yahoo local, google, local papers, volunteer tips lists. You might have to do some hunting, but if you can find a job that suits you, it can be a real win-win - contacts with people and a sense of achievement. You might even make a friend.

    A lot of people say a pet helps, and not necessarily a dog or a cat. You may be a hamster person.

    Think about support groups. The thing about support groups is that the quality varies. I mention something really good in this answer, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS, Recovery International.

    These things are like emergency rations when a tornado wrecks a town. They can hold you over till you make friends with people.

    A difference between people your age and people my age is that a year seems like forever, so problems that take a long time to work out seem hopeless. Patience and humor are your best friends.

    At age 19, you're probably not making big bucks, so spending money on something that can easily become a bad habit, like weed, is not a good idea. I've shown you good things that are FREE. People get into a weed habit and substitute it for having a life. Get one!

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    So didn't they tell you to seek a therapist and/or a psychiatrist when you were discharged and to keep doing the work it takes to make positive life changes? This is standard procedure....

    Find a therapist! Consult your doctor about this stuff..

    And there is also a world of depression self-help information online. The key to recovering is to do the work it takes to develop some good, life coping strategies and to start thinking differently. It does take effort and it takes using the advice we find, and applying it to our daily lives in the long-term (not for just a day or a week, but for a good long while).

    you can do this.

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    Do GAPS diet.

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    go to the Beach smoke some weeeeeeeed

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    Taking Yoga

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