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Does Dallas TX have a subway system?

Does Dallas TX have a subway system or some type of mass transit?

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    Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a transit agency in Downtown Dallas, Texas. It operates buses, light rail, commuter rail, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes in Dallas and twelve of its suburbs. DART was created in 1983 to replace a municipal bus system and funded expansion of the region's transit network through a sales tax levied in member cities. DART's light rail system is the longest in the United States, at over 93 miles (149.7 km), and began operation in 1996. DART operates the Trinity Railway Express between Dallas and Fort Worth, through an interlocal agreement with the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. The agency also operates the Dallas Streetcar and provides funding for the non-profit McKinney Avenue Streetcar.

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    Of course not, everybody in Texas gets to work, school, etc. on a horse wearing a cowboy hat and drinking a bottle of bourbon.

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