If I buy a PS4 will I be able to play all the Souls games (Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1-3) on it?

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    I'm sorry to report that no console has the complete Souls series available on it. Additionally, the PS4 has NO OFFICIAL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY SUPPORT. SOME of the older games from previous Playstation consoles (PS1 & PS2 ONLY) were modified to run on the PS4 in a completely digital format for local play only.

    * Demon Souls (the precursor to Dark Souls) was a PS3 exclusive. Online services for the game have been discontinued, so you won't be confronted by any other players... so you'll be completely on your own.

    * Dark Souls 1 was originally released on the PS3, but it was re-released on the PS4 & alternative platforms with the "Prepare to Die" (with all DLC included) edition & now the Remastered edition. Online support for the original version (& Prepare to Die) will likely be discontinued in the foreseeable future as the player base will shift to Remastered (as previous versions of the game have been delisted on Steam & other places).

    * Dark Souls 2 was originally released on the PS3, but was re-released on the PS4 & alternative platforms with "Scholar of the First Sin" edition (with all DLC included).

    * Bloodbourne (a spin-off of Dark Souls) is a PS4 exclusive, although it's not consider part of the Souls series lore.

    * Dark Souls 3 was released on the PS4, XBox One & PC... so no issues there...

    Therefore, the PS4 can play the Dark Souls series (in one edition or another), but NOT Demon Souls... you will need to purchase a PS3 if you wish to play that particular title.

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    no not all

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    Everything but Demon's Souls.

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