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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 2 years ago

Any advice on the story I'm writing? How would you make it end? Please answer back, I'll take into consideration every single answer?

During 2 world war a 19 years old girl and a 23 yo guy flee from Soviet Union because the guy is wanted (he was falsely accused of smth) and the girl wants to start a new life (she was always mistreated in her family). During the journey she understand that she loves him, she gets sick with fever and he takes care of her like a brother. One day he makes a wooden sheep out of a piece of wood and he gives it to her. Later he gets sick (he almost dies) and this time the girl falls into despair because she doesnt want him to die. She warms him up and sleeps next to him the whole night. The morning after they wake up together, she tells him that she loves him and she cannot live without him, he tells her that she cannot do it out of despair, just because she's sad. He reveals that he's been to jail and if they catch him he's gonna end up dead (he tells her that she cannot make love to someone who was tortured in jail like he was). She cries and makes love to him because she doesnt want to lose him. They pass 2 days like this until the police comes in and finds them, takes away the boy and the girl disembarks alone and afraid in finland, because previously the guy had paid a man to let her cross the border freely. In Finland, she is hopeless, alone and she commits suicide jumping from a bridge. She wakes up in a hospital room and she finds next to her the wooden sheep. Then she finds out she's pregnant. A young doctor falls for her but she refuses him she wants to find the boy.

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  • Andrew
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    2 years ago
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    Wanted by the law or not, any and all 23 year old men in the USSR would have been serving in the Red Army during the Second World War. As for "escaping from the Soviet Union", I hope they have good walking shoes - heading west wouldn't have been a very good idea... Heading north wouldn't get them anywhere... Heading east would be a long, long, long trek to get across the border... And heading south wouldn't be a picnic either. Crossing into Finland would find them both shot and buried in a snowbank. So unless you plan on having them stroll into Mongolia or paddle to Alaska, your premise is looking pretty thin. Oh, and they had better traverse that 6,000 miles without being seen, because if he were to be caught fleeing, being sent to the gulag would be a country club compared to what they'd do to him.

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  • Cogito
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    2 years ago

    If you want to write a story, or a book, the whole point is that the descriptions, the title, the plot, the characters, the names, the places - everything - has to come from YOU.

    If those things come from other people, it’s not YOUR story at all.

    And if you really can’t manage to invent those things, with no help from anyone else, you’re either not ready to write a story or you just aren’t interested enough.

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  • 2 years ago


    Tragic tractor accident.

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