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Is it true the separation of Families is being done because of a law Bill Clinton signed in 1997 and Bush, Obama, and Trump are enforcing it?

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    Yes it's true. The law applies to families whose parents are alleged felons and are going through the legal processes of hearings, trials, and such. It's under this law that when both a mom and dad commit a crime and are arrested, their kids get shuffled off to detention or foster homes while awaiting the outcome of the legal process.

    Note, the law applies to all families wherein the parents are alleged felons...this is not exclusively an immigration law.

    But Trump made the law apply to illegal immigrants when he signed a policy statement that made being an illegal immigrant a felony rather than a misdemeanor. When being an illegal was only a misdemeanor the families stayed together while they were processed for deportation.

    They were not separated under BO for the most part. They were not felons under BO. There was a short period where BO did try them as felons, but he quickly rescinded that concept as being cruel and immoral.

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    No, it’s not true at all. Donald Trump created that policy on his own and is carrying it out; honestly, I strongly disapprove of that policy.

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    its been a republikkklan congress the whole way

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    Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama ignored that law that was passed in 1997. Mr. Trump is enforcing it.

    Former SSgt.

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    Maybe, but is it also true that you hated those people and now that Trump is using it, you feel empowered?

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    And you can show this so called law. You can allege any thing, but Untill you show it, it is just another lie.

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    Yes it is true. But liberals will not admit it.

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