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I have a crush on one of my friends. Guess it’s mentionable that she’s a girl and I’m a girl. How do I know if she likes me back?

One of my friends told me that the girl is straight and she has often mentioned her celebrity crushes that are guys.

But we often compliment each other, sometimes hold hands for a long time (by her initiative), we have these long looks at each other, she always laughs with me and borrows me her clothes.

What do I do? :((

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    I would ask her yourself if she is actually straight. From my experience, that behaviour (hand holding, excessive compliments, etc.) is normal for a lot of female friends, so that does not necessarily mean she is interested in that way. I just hope that if nothing happens between you two, you would remain friends, it seems like you two are very close. I wish you the best :)

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    maybe change clothes or shower in front of her and she if she gets aroused

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    me and some of my friends hold hands and hug and kiss (we’re straight) but we’re like sisters, maybe she just likes the fact the two of you are getting closer and becoming best friends. try asking her, but be careful telling her how you feel because it may ruin your friendship if she doesn’t feel the same

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    Just be a friend because not all want the same things and maybe she just needs a sister.

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    Ask her how she feels.

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