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Is it legal for women to spank men?

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    Non-consensually, it is illegal. However, in several US states, corporal punishment is still authorized in the public schools. So in those cases it would be legal.

    According to Wikipedia, "The majority of students who experience corporal punishment reside in the Southern United States; Department of Education data from 2011–2012 show that 70 percent of students subjected to corporal punishment were from the five states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas, with the latter two states accounting for 35 percent of corporal punishment cases."

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    Not if both parties are consensual, some men like it, which is why there are a whole group of prostitutes who make their money from men who pay them to be spanked.

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    nope if they get hit they need to hit back

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    yes but that is really weird unless it's like a sexual kink that he has, then that makes sense, obviously don't do that in public, as it may not be illegal, but you may be asked to leave.

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    Please stop sharing your sexual fantasies with us. We don't need to know, or hear about them.

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