Am I overthinking.. or is he disrespectful?

I need to know if I’m overreacting right now. Or if this was rude..This guy I’ve been dating..we work at the same place.I feel like he flirts with this girl on our team. I told him how that made me feel and it has gotten better. But today she gave him a complement about the shirt he was wearing. And his response to her was does she want it. “The Shirt” And she responds back your shirt are you? And he laughs.

He feel like that was extremely disrespectful‼️

It may seem petty. But if I already told you how something made me feel. And you’re still entertaining it. Is a sign of disrespect to me. Please keep in mind we had a conversation about this before

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  • 3 years ago
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    You are overreacting because you are insecure. Your boyfriend is a guy who enjoys flirting. He isn't going to change. That doesn't necessarily mean that he is being disrespectful or intentionally mean. It is just who he is. If you can't handle a little harmless banter -- even if there was sexual innuendo -- then you need to find a different boyfriend. Here's the thing, if he was going to cheat, he wouldn't have this type of conversation in front of you. Get over it or set him free.

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    3 years ago

    I think you are overthinking way too much, try to control your insecurities and if you feel he is not a good match maybe you need someone else, to me it seems like over-reacting a bit.

  • 3 years ago

    "Please keep in mind we had a conversation about this before"

    Over thinking.

    You're just dating, you're not even married to him, YET, and you're behaving like your relationship is set in stone!

    Just continue observing his behavior: Is this the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, is he a player, or does he want you for your body? Think!

    Don't give him too many rules, they are not thinking that way! They're just shopping . . . and looking, and this is why he's FLIRTING with other girls. When you start to push him away, too many rules . . . who do you think he'll go next?

    Girls/guys flirt ALL THE TIME. There is nothing wrong with flirting! As long as they don't TOUCH.

    Source(s): I met my husband from work, (fell in love the 1st time I saw him), we started dating the 2nd week. I was the girl he picked, to marry out of the 2. He proposed to me 6 months later. I said: 'how about in 2 years'. In 2 years, I'll be older, wiser, and more mature to make adult decisions. In 2 years, I can observe him and get to know him better. Today, we just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary.
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