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Is my puppy lazy or shutting down during training?

I have a 9 week old puppy. When I go in to train him basic commands he will do them a few times and eventually (seems to get bored) lays down and sometimes stares at me, eventually falls asleep. He doesn’t budge! Even if I put the treat a centimeter away from his nose. He’ll move in slightly trying to reach the treat but won’t get up.

If he moves toward me even just an inch I say “good boy” ethusiastically then Sometimes he will get up. Sometimes I’ll coax him up if I start playing with his toy. But eventually he stops. Is he being lazy, are the treats not motivating enough? When he does this he doesn’t appear frightened, honestly he seems more fed up with me! My voice is higher pitched and soft when I train. I am using the positive reinforcement training method. We use Zuke’s trainin treats. I think I may start using tiny bits of actual chicken to get him more motivated to do commands. What do you think?

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    The dog is only a baby still, when it comes to training take it slowly for now, maybe try to keep training sessions to 15-20 minute but attempt it maybe twice a day and see how that goes. Be sure to award all good behavior with praise and treats and it'll make training easier and make the dog want to engage more/longer as it ages.

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    First of all he is still very young, common sense, frequent/short sessions are advisable always ending on good note before he shows any signs of distraction and/or boredom.

    At this age probably no more than five minutes, treats are un-necessary, praise is more important, he may become too dependent on treats, and then the one time you forgot the treats, it may work in reverse.

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    maybe your sessions are too long. when the puppy is done, so are you.

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    He's only 9 weeks! They don't have much of an attention span at that age.

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    Puppies have a very short attention span. Just work with the pup for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Make it fun so the dog enjoys the training. You can google 'basic obedience' & learn how to teach the dog basic obedience. This is the basis of all future training. Basic Obedience is obligatory & the dog has no choice but to lean just the basics. 7 commands, not hard at all.

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    The pup is too young to concentrate in any training for more than 5-10 minutes at any one time. he is still just very much a baby.

    Too much forced training at this stage of his life could "sour" him and cause him to rebel against it.

    Just concentrate on him coming to you when you call his name and doing a "sit" when asked.

    In a couple of weeks the down exercise and the "wait" can be introduced if he seems happy.

    Keep lessons short at 3-4 minutes each time and around twice daily.

    Always end the training on a good note with him doing something well and him still happy to be listening to you.

    You are at the moment expecting way too much from a nine week old pup.

    All training must be FUN for him and not a chore.

    Only treat him when he does an exercise well for his age and not when he is obviously not really interested.

    Remember, giving too many treats and they will lose their value as a training aid and he will lose all motivation.

    As a pup gets older, you may find some training exercises seems to go backwards and then you need to give it a rest and start again after a week or two.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 55 years .
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    Your puppy is neither, he's just a puppy. A nine week old puppy has the attention span of a gnat! He is telling you you're expecting too much from him. Keep training sessions short (few minutes, max) and FUN, though you can sprinkle them frequently during the day.

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    Puppies that young have a 4 second attention spam. He's not able to focus very long. Just do short training segments, use verbal reward, and he'll pick up what you need him to learn.

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    You need to learn a LOT about training before you ruin this puppy! Its 9 weeks old. Doing basic training a couple of times is ALL he should be doing at this age! Pick a time after the puppy's just had a nap and is energized. You also need to make yourself a lot more fun. Keep sessions VERY short. Period.

    And Zuke's are one of the best commercial treats out there. Don't stop using them. That's not what the problem is here.

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    Some dogs just don’t really like training, try to find treats he really likes but don’t use these all the time they are the ‘special’ reward (this could also be chicken) and use this when he lays down but the rest of the time use the treats you usually give him/her.

    I’d this doesn’t work the dog may be too young or may not be responsive to the style of training, try firmer: softer : more rewards : less rewards. If nothing works contact a vet and just talk on the phone and ask if you need to come in.

    Hope this helped!

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