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What is your opinion of intermittent fasting?

I think the health benefits are hard to deny. However, I've had to increase my eating window to 4 hours and then I fast the rest of the time. I've found eating between 3:00 p.m. and 7 p.m. works best for me.


You'll have to google the health benefits.

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    I think it's helpful for those who need help limiting their daily calorie intake. I've found it useful for myself in cutting out some not-needed calories. I either have an 8 hr window to eat (daily) or some weeks I'll take 2 non-consecutive days and consume less than 300 calories those days (my coffee and maybe a low cal smoothie, if that), but eat "normally" on the other days.

    Everyone is different and the body responds better to different things. I don't feel IF is unhealthy, if done properly. People can still get all the calories and nutrition their body needs while using an IF plan, but it also can help reduce calorie intake but cutting out some calories.

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    It is good to fast, but only if it happens naturally. Some people confuse fasting with starving, which is bad.

  • I love fasting. I like leangains (16:8) but depends on the day if I fast longer. I find this way of eating effortless. The health benefits are amazing especially autophagy. Dr Berg explains this well.

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    I think it weakens the metabolism. If your body comes to it naturally, effortlessly, that's one thing. That's fine. But to impose such a regimen on your body because you think you'll lose weight or you think it's healthful--that's something else. The idea that eating less is healthful only applies to a body with a strong metabolism--because such a body processes and absorbs food efficiently. It NEEDS less food, so it desires less food. And that's healthful. But most people's metabolisms are not strong, and to impose a highly-restrictive diet like IF on a body with a low metabolism just lowers metabolism all the more.

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    It has it's advantages. It is all the rage to try to mimic how we perceive prehistoric humans lived, but you can be healthy without primal eating or fasting. All of this is very difficult for most people for the long haul. Don't beat yourself up if you go back to "regular" eating.

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    What works for you is good for you unless there is a religious reason for timings

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    What benefits?

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    There really are no disadvantages to it, as far as your health and weight are concerned. It can be bad for socializing, since you have to skip breakfast and lunch.

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    Sounds unnecessary.

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