Can I work during SSDI waiting period?

I was diagnosed over a year ago. Never thought that I could get SSDI. Burned through a handful of jobs since. Last 6 months only work a few weeks. Will my waiting period start from my last job?. It was just a day. Before that I hadn't worked in 3 or 4 months.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You *can* if you want to but I wouldn't risk

    it the whole réason you'd recęive SSI is that

    you can't work the government 🏛 can't be fòòled!

  • Judith
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    3 years ago

    Any month in which you earned $840 in 2017 or $850 in 2018 is one month used in the 9 month trial work period. After you've completed 9 months of the trial work period social security is supposed to do a work review. If you've been earning an average of $1180 a month then you've been gainfully employed and it is possible benefits will end as a result. As long as you do not earn an average of $1180 or more a month your benefits won't end because of gainful employment.

    Trial work months are NOT earned before the month in which you became entitled to monthly benefits. I am not talking about the first month you received a check; I am talking about your month of entitlement which was given you on your award notice.

    WORK REGARDING WORK DONE AFTER DATE OF ONSET AND MONTH OF ENTITLEMENT which includes the 5 month waiting period. You still must report it. Depending upon the amount of earnings and length of employment it could change your date of onset or result in the claim being denied. If you have a claim pending then you MUST talk with the person who is in charge of processing your claim. Generally speaking work which ends within 3 months because of the disability is written off as an unsuccessful work attempt - but the reason work ended must be verified with the employer. If it didn't end due to the disability but for some other reason then it can't be written off an as unsuccessful work attempt and if earnings were $1180 a month or more it will change the date of disability to the date that employment ended.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.
  • You are risking the approval being reviewed and potentially denied unless 1 or more are true---

    You earn less than 1180 a month

    You work less than 3 months in a calendar year

    Your disability got better than it got worse again

    You were fired and found incapable of doing the work that was the same work you had been doing previously even with accommodations

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Your alleged onset date will be the point in time that your disability became so severe that it prevented you from working and earning substantially and gainfully. Your five-month waiting period begins with the first full month of disability, so usually the month after your onset date unless your onset date was on the first. Any unsuccessful attempts to return to work since that date will be excluded from being considered substantial and gainful earnings so long as the amount of those earnings were below the threshold or there was at least a 30-day break in employment, the work lasted less than 90 days (or, in some cases, less than 6 months), and ended because of your disability.

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  • 3 years ago

    SSD is not dependent on whether or not you are working, especially if it very short periods. In fact SSD likes it when the person can do as least occasional, part time work without it being too much. Your ruling will depend mostly on what you doctors have determined is your disability and they will determine your ability to work.

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