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Will microsoft and Sonys new consoles they announced at E3 2018 be next gen or the same consoles except upgraded specs?

In E3 2017 we saw Project Scorpio which turned out to be Xbox One X amd at E3 2016 we saw the ps4 plus. Both new consoles were the same xbox one and ps4. So will the new consoles releaseing in 2020 be the same consoles with upgraded specs or next gen consoles?

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    We'll know more once they start talking specs, rather than just vague announcements.

    Then it depends on how backward compatible they are. If the PS5/Xbox 2020 (or whatever random name they pick this time) are fully backward compatible, then does it count as a new generation or an evolution of this generation? Or is it a new generation only when new games don't work on old consoles anymore?

    I tend to think that they'll lean towards more compatibility and more frequent refreshes, but having games work with old and new consoles too, like they did with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. People who want the latest and greatest buy more hardware, they can sell existing systems and games for longer and extend the lifespan. But that's just my opinion.

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    And sorry to burst your bubble, but the new systems were in development as soon as the last ones launched. There is always something in development. So don't take "a new system is getting worked on" to mean it's ready to abandon the current gen.

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    Sony says the PS5 won't be ready until 2020 at the earliest, so no, they didn't talk about it at E3. If it's going to be on shelves in 2020, the earliest they would talk about it would be 2019.

    Microsoft has only confirmed they are working on a next-gen console but offered zero information about it.

    If you look at the developments going on in the PC hardware world, there's going to be a big jump in video card performance as they move to 7nm which will arrive in...2020.

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    No new consoles were announced at E3 2018.

    Both comapnies admit new consoles are development, but there has been NO announcement on actual completion or release.

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