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Confront a bossy neighbor?

I have this bossy neighbor guy who thinks he has a right to speak his mind about things that are none of his business, which is Our business! He makes comments about what goes on, how we live, tells me I'm fussy, criticizes the other neighbor and wants me to agree, and lots of other things that are annoying. I keep to myself and just want to be left alone with his nonsense. He comes right over to question things even if I am in the middle of something and expects me to drop what I am doing to chat, I have never gone to his place or questioned him about anything and I would think he would realize I am not like that, so leave me alone. Lately, he has been saying sarcastic things to me and referring to me in a way that implies I am a *****. I smile, say hello, wave, but he wants more. It is getting to the point where I now avoid him. Guys, is this something a husband should handle or isn't that how guys operate? My husband doesn't want to cause any problem, although there is already one as far as I can see. Some people just feel it is their right to prod, probe, and get in your face for some reason. I wanted a fence years ago but my husband said the neighbor would be mad. I think it would have solved some of this.


obviously, I have handled this without my husband getting involved for years. I think the neighbor feels he can push me around because of the fact that my husband has NOT said anything to him about it all this time.

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    Tell him to F* Off. There is no problem telling your neighbor you don't want to hear anything he has to say or his opinions. You just as much a right to not listen as he feels he has to talk his crap.

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