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With the warriors, or any pro sports team on a run, do you stay to try and make history as the GOAT(TEAM) or...?

Do you leave for more $$$ knowing you most likely wont win another ring, or do stay and make history and try to, not only try for a 3-peat,4-peat, etc.?


What happened with Michael Jordan's Bulls as time went on, did the team do all they could to stay together and possibly either be the team with the most rings or most consecutives titles. Who are the teams with the most titles and most consecutive titles?

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    3 years ago

    The CBA was completely different back in the 90's. Players could sign longer contracts, and players didn't make as much money back then. Shaq signed a 7-year contract with the Lakers in '96. In 96-97, Jordan made more than the rest of the team ($30M) combined and Pippen was the 6th highest paid player ($2.25M)

    If a team offers me a max contract, I'll follow the money. I will take a small payout (5% - 10%) to remain on a championship team

  • Bob
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    3 years ago

    This depends on the player, many will go for the most money they can get,and that often means leaving a great team.

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    In a lot of cases where a salary cap is involved, the players who don't fit under the cap move on to get their money and/or more playing time elsewhere. In the Warriors case, they seem to be interested in staying together

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