Looking for a book about a boy who runs away from home after his moms boyfriend abuses him, and he stays at a zoo where he sees a murder!?

A book based in California. A young boy runs away from home after his moms boyfriend abuses him (using clamps on his genitals) and he takes shelter at a zoo. He then witnesses a famous actor/cop (who plays a tv cop) murder a woman. The actor sees the boy witness it and is after him. The boy is also briefly taken by an old couple in the zoo and sexually abused, where he uses the restroom on himself to avoid being hurt but the old man does anyway.

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  • 3 years ago

    "Billy Straight" by Jonathan Kellerman.



    "Young Billy Straight, fleeing domestic non-tranquility--his mom's a drunk, her boyfriend's a sadist--happens on a woman being stabbed to death. It traumatizes him, of course--not only the brutality of it, but its way of placing on his thin shoulders one more impossible burden. What should he do? Should he tell the police he's seen a license plate number? He's only 12, but Bill is named "Straight" for a reason: he's a boy who takes moral dilemmas seriously. But this time, nevertheless, he runs. Facing the police, risking a return to the misery of his home as well as possible exposure to a killer, is more good behavior than he can force on himself. The murder victim turns out to be the divorced wife of a well-known television star--and a case for the LAPD's Detective Petra Connor, who is less than overjoyed at it, knowing it will be high profile and a media magnet."

  • 3 years ago

    Are you looking for a book that's already written or for someone to write one?

  • Marli
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    3 years ago

    The plot seems so implausible to me that, if you're seeking assurance that it's worth writing because you imply such a plot has been written and published, I won't give it. You could write it; but I would not go near anyone who enjoyed it.

    If there is, such a book, I would not go near the author or the book.

    A famous actor who played a detective was convicted of the murder of his wife, and sadistic people do sadistic things, particularly to the helpless and to children, but, other than in tabloids, both are not found on the same pages and feature the same people. It is so over the top, the story is implausible.

  • 3 years ago


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