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I had a one-night stand with a guy and he did something kind of rude that night. So then 2 weeks I approached his friend at the bar and told him I wanted to hook up. The friend says, “You hooked up with my friend two weeks ago.. I can’t do that to my friend”. So then later on that night I see the guy that I had the one night-stand with. I went up to him to say Hi.. and he responds, “Do I know you?....” So then out of humiliation I yelled at him, call him names and told him that he wasnt cute in front of all his friends. So then later in the night, he walks by and I screamed at him and call him a Pr*ck very loudly in rage. He then responds, “What did I do??”. Do you think this indicates that he was conveying that I was one the one who offended him first by going up to his friend and asking to hook up, which started the whole thing. OR do you think he was just nervous when I began to scream at him again so he just said that in response to me yelling at him, but that he would prob have said it regardless if I had gone up to his friend asking to hook up. What do you think… do you think it was likely he was offended by what I did or just because I was yelling at him loudly.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Was your teddy bear not enough of a body pillow?

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