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I had 3 cheat meal in one week but I ate 1000-1500 calories for the rest of the week?

Will I gain weight?

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    Leptin decreases due to low calorie diets. Low levels of leptin puts the brakes on fat burning. Cheat meals or a full cheat day once a week are a way to boost leptin. But your calorie intake is so low I don't think you fooled leptin that you aren't on a diet.

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    1,000 calories would only be enough if you were a 10 year old girl.

    If you are not, you are throwing your system into starvation mode which will make it hang on to your weight, not shed it.

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    That depends on how badly you cheated. Relax and stick to the plan, don't short yourself because low energy can make you want to cheat again.

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  • Satan
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    3 years ago

    yes you will fatty!

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