The cops took my phone and said I could have it back at the end of the week is this true? What are they doing with it or is it in storage?

Somebody hit me and I was in an accident, their insurance company accepted liability and she was at fault and I didn't do anything wrong.

The cops found some weed on me and a trash bag full of leaves and stems.

They charged me with possession of marijuana but because I freaked out about that they thought I was on another drug and gave me a DUI-D.

Anyways, I wasn't on any drugs so I'm not worried about that but I'm just wondering why the cop said he has to keep my phone for a week?

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    They're probably examining it for evidence of other offences. If there is nothing you'll get it back, if there is evidence of other offences they may well retain it as evidence.

  • 3 years ago


    Do you have proof that the police are in possession of your phone?

    If not, your phone may disappear.

    Regardless, you must go the police dept with the officer’s badge

    number or name and demand your phone back and get a report of

    some sort that states that the police dept is in possession of your phone.

    Even if the cop who took it doesn’t intend to steal it, it may disappear

    while in storage. If you have no proof that they ever had it then you

    will be stonewalled when you seek reimbursement.

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