Should I buy skins or battlepass for Fortnite?

So I started playing Fortnite after I had surgery around October of last year and I'm still playing now. Iv not bought the battlepass from season 2 till now in season 4 mainly because I'm trying to save money and idk how long Fortnite will be popular. It's tempting to buy skins or the battlepass but a part of me knows I won't be too commuted to the game I even thought of buying an account on ebay but I haven't because of fear of being scammed plus I really suck at the game. I'm guess what I'm asking if it's worth it not to buy anything from Fortnite in the long run or should you buy the battlepass or skins off the store. Like I said before they look pretty cool and I know you get v bucks anyway

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  • 3 years ago
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    If you're planning on playing Fortnite heavily, it's generally more cost-effective to go with the Battle Pass (950 V-Bucks or ~$9.50 US without any Tier Buyouts) as you get 2 skins with purchase (at Tier I) & applies retroactively for the season (so you get all the rewards for all the Tiers you've reached at that point). HOWEVER, with Season 4 ending on July 9th (in roughly 3 weeks, at time of post)... the value may be a bit limited.

    By skins in the item store is a bit more expensive (as items vary between 500 & 2,000 V-Bucks... or roughly $5 - $20 US equivalent, depending on rarity of the item), but you can get EXACTLY what you want without the grind (or extra costs of tier buy-outs).

    ULTIMATELY, it's more of a question of YOUR TIME (by grinding levels & tiers) OR YOUR MONEY (with tier buy-outs & individual item purchases) here.

    As for buying accounts, THIS IS AGAINST EPIC GAME'S EULA (& TOS) & will result in an INSTANT, PERMANENT BAN of the account(s) in question since Epic Games owns all the content of Fortnite, which they grant a license for players to play the game. Therefore, selling the account is the legal equivalence of fraud (as they are selling something they do not legally own NOR are permitted to sell by the rightful owner)... hence why Epic Games bans the accounts being sold. Since the account sellers know they're breaking the law, it's does stand to reason they won't commit other illegal activities as well (the common paradigm is "No Honor Among Thieves") Therefore, it's best NOT to partake in such activities.

    While it's you decision what to do with your time & funds, I hope this sheds some light on the subject.

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    No punch a tree with your enchanted diamond sword with fire aspect III

  • if you play so hard you should buy the battle pass if you play rarely but you buy a skin if you like but the battle pass is better because it gives you more skin

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    If you buy a skin, get the mrfreshasian skin (the male in the set called counter strike)

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    I’m a season one player I have save the world so it’s no trouble to me but if you buy one battle pass you can afford the next one and that’s what I used to do hope this help btw you get 1300 v bucks each battle pass and only costs 950

  • Raditz
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    3 years ago

    Only buys the battle pass if you're commit to play Fortnite, since it'll take lots of efforts and a good chunk of your time to maxing it. It could be faster if you have friends that also got the battle pass, since there's a bonus exp if you played with your friends.

    And since this season is nearing its end, I suggest you buy it on the next season.

    Also, DON'T buy an ID, since it's against Epic's ToS, and you can get banned.

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