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How come the Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi, don't marry their respective princesses?

Hi. I get that the Mario games (and Luigi games) and the characters are all designed to appeal to gaming fans of ALL AGES, but how come Mario and Luigi don't marry Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, respectively? What kind of message is Nintendo giving to KIDS who are into their games?

I've kind of wondered about this for years.

I think Nintendo would give out a much better and more positive message to youngsters about relationships if Mario and Luigi OFFICIALLY married their respective princesses.

I am just curious about this. Please help- thank you.

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    There is the perceived difficulty of writing married characters, after years of writing them as single characters. It is why most comic book superheroes are not married to their love interests, and why it took decades for some characters (Superman, Batman) to get married at all.

    Here is a good summary from TV Tropes

    "A contributing factor is that writing a convincing relationship, with genuine depth of character and development, is a much more difficult feat than pouring on the quick-reaction drama and will-they-won't-they scenarios .Once that crutch of anticipation "romance" is no longer there for the writer to lean on, weaknesses in the writing suddenly show through that the audience was too distracted by the narrative tension to notice — or care about — earlier. When the writing is too thin, there's just nothing much there afterwards for the audience to care about or invest in. If the writing doesn't have actual substance, the writer can only really rely on cheap narrative tricks to keep their audience."

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