How can I be more tactile/affection in a (non-romantic) everyday way?

I was raised a home where people seldom showed physical affection, but I ve always admired "warm" people- I ve begun to realize that I really love being hugged, patted on the back, etc but I have a really hard time initiating contact with people! TBH, I find it hard to be affectionate in a way that feels easy and organic as opposed to awkward, but when it comes to children I m related to or romantic partners, I m generally really affectionate because I feel secure in what I m doing. Does anyone have any tips for day-to-day behaviors?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Tap into how you feel when you are innately affectionate regarding children you know or romantic partners, take that feeling of security and expand it into your day to day life gradually. Believe in yourself, be open to reading people and understand personal space and boundaries. Ultimately, remain true to who you are and the organic process will happen.

  • 3 years ago

    Learn to high five people, so when someone

    Does something you think is worthy, say

    “ High five “ and smile and put your hand in

    The air, as it may make someone’s day?

    Very best wishes


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    3 years ago

    I think we share a similar feeling, but my household was and is still a positive form of motivation towards good interaction within the family members.

    What really matters is what is your background? your family ethnical or cultural side? at times it may or could be a reason...

    you mind dropping by my email which is on my profile to discuss this?

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