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How do cons feel knowing Wakanda is more advanced and developed than any white country?

We are more advanced than Norway, Germany, Italy


Not even close, bin. I'm actually 21.

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    How do libs feel knowing Wakanda is FICTIONAL? Also, how do libs feel knowing ALL white countries are more advanced than black countries. EVERY, SINGLE, ONE.

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    Okay, despite the fact that you're an obvious troll, I have a few problems with Wakanda from the movie. First of all, they claim that Wakanda does not trade...AT ALL with the outside world. Then how the crap did they get rich? Not by selling vibranium, because the movie says they don't sell it. Not by trading. And the population is too small to develop the kind of specialized internal economy that the US has, and even the US needs to trade ALOT to be as prosperous as it is. So the entire claim is nonsensical.

    Trade is particularly key because this small country we are told only has one natural resource - vibranium. Presumably you can't make EVERYTHING out of vibranium. It may be the basis for the tech so advanced it borders on magic, but it can't be the ONLY material. If you aren't trading...where are you getting all the other stuff in your country?

    Second, we're told how advanced this country is...yet they're still governed by an absolute monarchy chosen by ritual combat??? What? That's just about the dumbest and most primitive way to pick a government I could imagine. You're telling me in hundreds of years of doing these, no Wakandan King ever acted like...well, like a KIng? And began hoarding wealth and hot chicks for himself and oppressing the people? Because even benevolent Kings hoard wealth and power. If they don't, they cease being King in any meaningful way.

    Third, we're told how advanced they are yet, when a civil war breaks out they don't shoot lasers or use their spaceships for air supports...they run out into a field and start hitting each other with sticks and spears. And use war rhinos. Yeah...war rhinos. I mean AT BEST, war rhino is animal cruelty given that it is completely unnecessary to the fighting of war between parties with sci fi lasers, and yet it's what they do. do they get enough to eat? It's a small country in an arid region where the entire thing is in a small, almost completely urbanized valley. Where's the agriculture? You have an entire city to feed! Remember - no trade.

    Wakanda just was an absolute worldbuilding FAIL. I know alot of that is in the comics, and the movie doesn't deserve exclusive criticism here, but the movie went out of it's way to tell us that these people don't trade or have virtually any contact with the outside world. And in so doing, makes the entire premise of the movie make NO SENSE.

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    Wakanda would be every black nation without white influence, apparently

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    Wakanda (/ w ə ˈ k æ n d ə /) is a FICTIONAL Sub-Saharan African nation appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is the most prominent of several native African nations and home to the superhero Black Panther. No real people fear a fictional place which does not exist.

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    Cons don't even know wakanda is a fictional country.

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    3 years ago

    Very funny....Africa is so messed up nobody can't save itself.

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    3 years ago

    Taylor b used to boink a black transsexual. Now ze makes fun of blacks. Wut!

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    blue poll says "white suburban 14-year old"

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