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Is my girlfriend pregnant? HELP!?

Alright, so usually my gf and I, have normal sex, not vaginal though (As in Fingering and oral). Every time I do it, I do it carefully, making sure I don't have pre-*** or anything like that but today she told me she had a spotting? She bleed a little bit and her period suppose to be tomorrow. I'm freaking out because everywhere I look for this it all goes right to early pregnancy. She told her mom about it and her mom told her its normal to have that but I don't know much about this spotting and I just need a serious answer from someone who knows. Thanks


-Btw, we didnt do anything today.

-The light bleeding was yesterday.

-A day before yesterday we did these things.

Update 2:

I also remembered she hasn't spotted before. So that's why I'm freaking out because she told me its kind of her first time.

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    Yes you can spot before your period starts

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