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Why The Houston Rockets Victorious As NBA Champions In 1995 Via A 1995 NBA Finals 4-0 Sweep?

And Rudy Tomjanovich's Famous Iconic Quote From That Night On 14th June 1995 The Date That Forever Changed Houston Rockets History: "Don't Ever Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion"

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    They were a very good team with great players like Olajuwon, and Drexler, and very good players like Horry and Cassell, but the biggest reason they won back-to-back titles was No Michael Jordan for those two years while he was 'retired' and off experimenting with baseball.

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    Orlando never recovered after Nick Anderson missed those free-throws. Maybe the Magic still would have lost the series, but they were psychologically beaten after losing Game 1

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    In another era, that team would have been "Bulls" dominant.

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    They got The Best Player on The Houston Rockets who's unstoppable.

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