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Why do people think that “Classical liberals” and “Modern day liberal progressives” are the same thing?

Classical liberals are people like MLK, JFK, Mother Teresa, even the Founding Fathers of the US. However, the modern-day “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” Blue and Red hair, has 390 genders, thinks Islam is a peaceful religion Social Justice Warriors aren’t the same thing.

In fact, if MLK, JFK, Mother Teresa, and the Founding Fathers took a look at anyone of the qualities I just mentioned, it would make them want to puke or kill themselves.

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  • Liberals think the government could alleviate all human suffering if it just stole enough money from rich people. Modern liberalism is based on envy and theft. They believe the government is the best method to distribute wealth.

    Classical liberalism is based on the least amount of government intervention possible. Human suffering can only be alleviated if there is enough wealth. New wealth must be created. A free market is the best method to distribute wealth. Adam Smith wrote about the invisible hand of the free market.

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    You sound like an ignorant bigot who watches too much TV .

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    In America, if you care about other people, you are liberal.

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