Should I just transfer schools even though I'm going into my senior year?

There is a lot of backstory to this, so hear me out. I just finished my junior year a few weeks ago. I had to attend graduation this past Saturday to play music. After graduation, however, I attacked someone. (Yes, this is my fault.) I just lost control of everything for a few seconds and started hitting the **** out of him. (I am a girl.) This particular someone is almost 20, yet he almost exclusively hangs out with 16-year-old girls while pretending to be gay to gain their trust. A lot of people know that he's a creep; he stalked my sister's (female) ex-friend and persistently asked her out, and he took videos of me without my knowledge or consent and refused to delete them. What most people don't know, however, is that he persistently sexually assaulted during my first two years of high school. I am very bitter and traumatised. Furthermore, he clings to high school despite having graduated over a year ago, and even goes as far as attending students-only events. He does this all the time. So, when I saw him, I panicked, and I just lost control and beat the hell out of him. I got a call from the school a few days ago, so I know I'm in at least *some* trouble, but I don't know exactly how much. (Supposedly I broke his glasses.) My reputation is definitely down the shitter now, though. (more info coming, i ran out of space.)


This made me realise something: I feel unsafe at my current school. There was another incident where I had a straight-up panic attack and kicked this person in the nuts, but not very hard. I did not get in trouble for that incident. This past incident has made me realise that if I continue going to my school, then the same **** will just happen over and over again. My sister has a case file against him documenting some of the creepy **** he's done, so she can send this to the school. (cont.)

Update 2:

I will give my school this proposition: ban him from school grounds until I graduate, or I will transfer to another nearby school. However, there's one problem: I'm going into my senior year. If I transfer now, I will be separated from my close friends and my marching band. However, as things are right now, I feel like it would be for the best. I *do* know a good portion of that school; I went to elementary with a lot of the students. Thoughts? Should I just transfer anyway w/o the proposition?

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  • Squid
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    3 years ago

    Don't try to negotiate with the school. They won't care if you transfer or not. What you do is report the sexual assault, and you demand that the school ban him from school events and if they don't you threaten to sue them and tell your story on the local television news.

    You have nothing to worry about reputation wise. You stood up for yourself and punched out a creep. That is a GOOD reputation to have. People won't want to mess with you.

  • 3 years ago

    Call police and if you really like your school you don't have leave but if they know about this guy and do nothing then you need to report this school to the police. Very harmful. Think of what he will do in the future to other girls! You guys are all underage so he can get into a lot of trouble.

  • 3 years ago

    thats up to you but if you had a problem with him it mightve been better to talk to the police about it

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