How likely will North Korea become our ally like Japan did after WW2?

Japan was a Imperialist sociopathic nation during WW2 and committed war crimes like Rape of Nanking, Unit 731, Bataan Death March, Comfort Women sex slaves, and atrocities against Allied POWs and attacked Pearl Harbor. We officially declared war against Japan in WW2 and after they became our ally, and we have strong relations with them. During the Korean War it was never a declared war by Congress, it was a undeclared war and now we are in process with making peace with North Korea, but who knows how it will work out.

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    There certainly is the Vietnam blueprint North Korea could follow. Vietnam has a one party system and could have a dictator serving until death like North Korea. We are not hostile toward the country, also manufacturers are looking to them as a replacement for more expensive and politically volatile China. If China becomes aggressive in the South China Sea I could see us helping them out. Their secret is being benign internationally, live and let live with neighbors, having a government not centered on one person who also is paranode or an angry sociopath. North Koreas problem is not the dictators, but the personalities of those dictators and like minded people he surrounds himself with. Just as ISIS or al-Qaeda didn't have to be terrorist organizations, they could have focused on local political change, but they were headed by individual that were angry sociopaths and their development was set in stone once that happened.

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    Let's hope so. Some of our strongest allies today were our strongest enemies yesterday.

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    Trump is the men

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