I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the other day. Am I pregnant?

I recently got off the pill- last month. My boyfriends went raw inside of me for about 30 seconds during foreplay five days ago. He checked to see if there was any pre-***, and there wasn't to begin with. He didn't ***, and he wasn't even close. We stopped immediately after. This was on an infertile day, according to my calendar. What are the chances I'm pregnant?


Hi everyone, I just took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Period is due in two days. Will update later.

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    3 years ago
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    Not definitely pregnant, but there is a possibility.

    Males do not know when they prekum. No, really, they generally DO NOT KNOW.

    Any insertion can result in pregnancy. Sometimes the chance is high, sometimes low. But do not rely on it being "zero". If the sex act was less than 2 days ago, go and buy Plan B, but do it NOW, this hour. Otherwise just hope.

    Never rely on your safe days - they are not as predictable as some people think; never rely on pulling out. Never rely on myths told by your friends. To avoid pregnancy use fully certified precautions.

  • 3 years ago

    Magic 8 Ball says...................YES!!!!!!!!! with TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  • Pippin
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    3 years ago

    If you just went off the pill, you can't know when you are fertile. (And even if you've had a normal period since then, you can't know based on a calendar or app.

    Certainly many women get pregnant the first month they try after going off the pill, so it's very possible, but nobody here can know the precise odds. I'm assuming that you and your partner want a baby now, since you opted to stop one method and didn't start another.

  • 3 years ago

    Well, if you're not pregnant now, keep this up and you will be. What was the point of this? To see if you're fertile? To expose you to whatever STDs he has?

    Pre-ejaculate can happen at any time. Checking in advance does nothing. He can leak without feeling it.

    If it's an infertile day AFTER you ovulate, your odds are better. Once the egg has developed and not been fertilized, you're *probably* not going to ovulate again that month (no guarantees). If it was before you ovulated, then it's more dangerous because your body can push out an egg faster if there's sperm present.

    Here's a hint: a guy that doesn't want to use condoms assumes you'll have an abortion if you get pregnant. Is that what you're willing to do?

    The pill only protects when you use it.

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