MELANIA – Do you think she has regrets?

I normally have no interest in commenting on a US president’s wife.

But with Melania I can’t help but wondering if she thinks this way:

OK, I’m super hot and I know that I can snag up any sugar daddy.

And for a gold-digger like me, Bozo’s bank account was a great catch.

I know he’s a jack-azz and but I didn’t marry him for his personality;

it was all business.

But now this has gone too far. I’m under 24-hour surveillance and if

I want to hit it off with a handsome young stud I can’t. I can’t get away

from that appalling tub of lard. Oh what a mistake it was to stick around.

1 Answer

  • Sam
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    She is married to the president of the United States. I dont think she needs anything else.

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