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Best anti-anxiety/panic medicine or supplement?

Tried the following:

Passionflower: mildly effective/mostly placebo, short acting

Valerian: mildly effective/mostly placebo, feel slightly refreshed the next morning with mild brainfog

L-Theanine: mildly effective/mostly placebo, short acting

Chamomile: causes brainfog and drowsiness/lethargy, mildly effective/mostly placebo, causes worse anxiety/disassociation in some areas

Lemon Balm: no effect, makes anxiety worse

Catnip tea: mildly effective/mostly placebo, short acting

Skullcap: mildly effective/mostly placebo, short acting

Lemongrass: no apparent effect

Holy Basil: no apparent effect

Gotu Kola: mildly effective/mostly placebo, short acting

Other teas or combination teas with various herbs including some listed above: no effect

GABA: makes anxiety worse, causes bouts of shortness of breath, possible stomach issues

Melatonin: mildly effective for inducing sleep, makes anxiety worse/uncomfortable drowsy/dizzy feeling, possible brainfog the next day

None of these have successfully stopped or prevented my panic attacks. I take low dose benzos which help for a few hours but doctors don't want me to be on them for long or increase my dosage to help me throughout day because of the risks. I've tried antidepressants but I'm too scared to be on them long because they make me feel weird, anxious, sick/lethargic, and gave me dilated pupils within a day of taking them. I'm scared of side effects and panic symptoms while on medicines, and fear losing control.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    See your doctor, he has medications that work well.

  • Lili
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    All useless. There are no non-prescription items that will work.

    EXCEPT: medical studies have shown that magnesium supplements can help many people who are suffering from anxiety problems and depression. Either magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide could be helpful. It doesn't help like a dose of a benzo -- you have to start taking it and let it build up -- but if you want to try this, you could see results in about 3 weeks. And benzos are addictive and dangerous.

    Try 250 mg a day. You may need a pill cutter to cut a 500 mg tablet in two.

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