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How do I get a med card in Michigan without a primary physician?

I've recently turned 18 and do not currently have a primary physician or access to my previous medical records. I have chronic migraines and was wondering if there is a doctor in the Southfield area that would recommend me for a card.


Edit: I am not looking a one off and go. I am looking for a physician to replace my last primary physician, just hoping for one that is not against medical marijuana.

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  • 3 years ago

    Card? As in a medical marijuana card? Really? If you have migraines you should see a neurologist, not smoke weed. No medical doctor is going to "recommend a card" for you without examining you. Sorry dude.

  • 3 years ago

    Doctors can not prescribe drugs without examining the patient. That is both the law and is also a requirement of medical ethics. So no, you are not going to find a doctor who is going to recommend you for a card without seeing you first. (Maybe you do not have migraines, maybe you got a brain tumor.)

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