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Did our FBI director know how to do a simple Google Boolean search?

He claims he didn't know that Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener were married. 

Wow! What an investigative mastermind we have in the head of the FIB. 

First, let's not mention that anyone who remotely follows the news and politics knew this. It seems that the crack head of the FIB might ...investigate. 

Crack head pun was not intended but perhaps apropos. 

So, let's assume he had a computer and had heard of Google. A quick Boolean search of the names produces hundreds of hits going back many years...for example a CNN article from 2011. 

Does anyone remotely believe this lie?

Now answer the damn question instead of obfuscating by playing moron and not seeing the obvious autocorrect error.

You're not fooling anyone. You damn well k la what the question just don't know how to answer it and not lie while keeping up your delusion that Comey wasn't lying.

And I'm typing on a tablet and I'm not going to correct every fücking little error when the intent was obvious to anyone with a fifth grade reading level.

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