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Describe the difference between immigrants in the early 20th century (1900-1929) and in the 21st century (2000 onwards) in NYC?

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    European immigration escalated exponentially during the early 20th century; the new arrivals were mostly Catholics or Jews, especially Italians and Poles as well as Yiddish-speaking Jews from Eastern Europe.[22][23] There were smaller but steady streams of "Old immigration" sources in Ireland, Britain and Germany. The residents of Little Germany, in what is now the East Village, dispersed to more affluent neighborhoods and were replaced by growing numbers of poor immigrants on the Lower East Side.

    New York City’s 2000 foreign-born population of

    2.87 million was an all-time high and represented

    36 percent of the city’s population of 8 million. The

    Dominican Republic was the largest foreign-born

    group, numbering 369,200 or 13 percent of the total,

    followed by China (262,600), Jamaica (178,900),

    Guyana (130,600), and Mexico (122,600). Ecuador,

    Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, and Russia

    rounded out the city’s ten largest foreign-born

    groups. The large number of nonhispanic Caribbean

    groups was indicative of their disproportionate presence

    in the city: while they accounted for more than

    one-in-five of the foreign-born population in the city,

    they comprised just five percent of the nation’s


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    No welfare, entitlements or subsidies 1900-1929. Lots of them 2000 +

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    In the 20th century immigrants spoke many different languages and had to learn English to communicate outside their group..

    Now so many immigrants speak Spanish that they can live their lives in Spanish speaking communities and never learn English.

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    You tell me

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    Early immigrants came here to create a future, assimilate and prosper. Today's come for government benefits without assimilation and thumb their noses at the law.

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      Wow and of course you’re hinting but won’t outright say it that those white folk wanted a future then but those brown folk coming in now don’t

  • Ellis Island was the difference. They were quarantined and swore to uphold the constitution. They were certainly deported or imprisoned if they were here illegally. They universally loved America.

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    They were white and America had an open door policy. Just show up on a ship, get registered in NYC and you were in

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