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Is there software that you can use to ask your computer questions and ask it to think for you and stuff?

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So, anyway, there's a scene from the LazyTown episode Soccer Sucker where Stephanie asks Pixel if he can play soccer and beat the robot. Pixel's computer says "According to all relevant data, being on the team is not my thing." Pixel's computer apparently also tells him what things are. Like he has this Smart Watch like thing on his arm and he asked it what a toothbrush is, it said "A toothbrush is a self-powered highly portable bristle-enhanced hygiene-module with long lasting effects and you use it to clean your teeth of old food and decay."

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    You mean something like Alexa or Google Home? You COULD do this on a computer but it would be WAY more scripting than needed.

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    That's what Alexa is FOR.

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