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Truck driver tried to drive my small car off road. Called police, will anything happen?

I was in the left lane of a turn lane. There was a truck in the right turn lane. In the middle of the intersection, he swerved in front of me and I honk. He is provoked by this. I know I am the one who sparked the anger which I regret deeply. He then speeds up and rams on his breaks, sending me to slam on my breaks as well. The cars behind me all pass us, but I am terrified to pass him as for all I know he has a gun and will shoot me and my sister if I try and pass him. He drives EXTREMELY slow, maybe 10 miles on the 45 and I remain behind him again out of fear. At this point nobody is behind us anymore. He turns into a left turn lane and I try to pass him as safely and smoothly as possible. As I’m passing him he abruptly swings out of the left turn lane and back into my lane, sending me into the right lane to avoid collision. This is one of many dangerous acts he did in trying to drive us off road. We were terrified and at many points screaming out of fear because he came so close to hitting us. We decided to call 911 and my sister snapped a pic of his plate. He quickly turned away and sped off finally. We gave the operator his plate number but the conversation was brief and we were unable to describe his reckless actions too immensely besides saying that he was trying to run us off the road. Will anything be done? I’m hoping another witness called it in, but I feel doubtful. I know he would have been content with hurting us, had he. And he would have fled.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You are a fearful and incompetent idiot who should not be allowed to drive.

    p.s. it's spelled BRAKES.

  • 3 years ago

    BRAKES, and no.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Sounds like you had it coming. Take this as a lesson.

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