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Why can’t I put a tampon in?

Hello! I am 16 years old and I have tried to put a tampon in for the past 4 years but it just never works and I don’t know why!! I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. I just want to swim today but I guess my body is saying no!! I have no idea what to do!

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    Before you can insert a tampon, you need to break your hymen

  • Kasha
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    3 years ago

    You don't give us much to go on a to what you're struggling with, so general advice...

    Determine where your vaginal opening is located - it's your genitals, you should be able to easily identify where the vaginal opening is in your vulva so that you can insert the tampon without even needing to look at your vulva. Using a mirror at first may be a good idea, then explore your genitals so you know how the vagina curves (when inserting a tampon you should be aiming roughly towards the small of your back but feel for resistance to adjust the angle as needed) and notice how the vaginal walls close in on themselves - also that the vaginal canal is narrower when you're tense verses wider if you're aroused, practice tensing and relaxing those muscles.

    Remember to relax - if you're tense vaginal muscles tense causing the vaginal canal to tighten, do something relaxing before trying to insert a tampon and take big deep breaths to help yourself relax, if you can't insert the tampon instead of getting frustrated just leave it and try again another day. Masturbate...simply put it's relaxing, but it also results in the vagina lubricating, opening, increasing in size, and tenting - this is preparation for possible penetration during sex, if it can allow something as large as a penis into it when aroused then certainly a tampon will be able to fit. Use lubrication if needed, like KY Jelly or natural oils such as olive oil (don't use Vaseline, baby oil, or lotion).

    Use non-applicator tampons - applicators were purely introduced to reduce contact with genitals, not for easier use. Non-applicator tampons are simpler, allow you to feel for resistance so you can guide the tampon past the vaginal walls through the vaginal canal, and allow you to push higher than an applicator may push the tampon. Chances are you're using rayon tampons which are rougher so there's more friction, if you want to use conventional tampons try cotton brands but you may also want to try sponge tampons or soft tampons which are squishy so easier to insert. Also always start with light absorbency and during the heaviest point in your period, don't ever use tampons when not menstruating or with light flow.

    Check instructions, then check again - even if you think you know how to use tampons it helps to go through the instructions step-by-step sometimes, it can also help to look at videos on YouTube as they could mention something that suddenly gives you a 'light bulb moment' so you suddenly get how to insert a tampon. Try different positions to find one more comfortable for you -too again if you're tense the vaginal muscles tense, and in different positions the vaginal canal will angle differently.

    Remember if you can't use tampons that's not a big problem, you have plenty of other options like pads or cups.

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