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What is the reality behind being a Corporate lawyer at a firm?

As far as overall work and life sacrifices, salary, coming up in the ladder, and reaching the different levels at the firm.

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    A lawyer usually begins as an associate and works with experienced lawyers. If he or she grasps the skills easily and quickly they will begin moving up exponentially. There will be the day when they are made a partner of the firm which will make them a partial owner of the firm. This is when a smart lawyer will be able to make an even greater move. At this stage they can go into practice for themselves. Either that or make a move into a much larger firm which means better income and better everything. Don't be afraid of "sacrifices" because you will sacrifice all kinds of things from the moment you enter law school. You will sacrifice your social life which might not be a bad thing. Some people waste time and energy and even their health by engaging in too active of a social life. You might find yourself nominated or elected to a judgeship. There will be another opportunity in placing yourself in full-time law school faculty or administrator. If you care about maximizing your financial income, it might be best to not work for yourself. Just head for the largest firm in your area and stay there and save your money for an early and a great retirement. Buy a home in the Virgin Islands with your own sailboat in the bay and sail and swim and snorkel to your heart's content. Bring along your beautiful trophy wife to admire you. Good luck. Happy breezes.

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    corporate law starts with a 6 figure paycheck and an 80 hour work week.

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    Totally depends on the firm. Are you talking about a large company with a few dozen or hundred attorneys on staff? Or a smaller company with a corporate counsel with a handful of subordinates? As you can imagine, its going to be very different...

    Its not going to be the same as advancing on the business side of things...but you will still need to play the games.

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