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Do I own the copyright to images from a camera trap I laid?

Think about the monkey selfie case. A photographer went to Indonesia to try and get some monkey selfies. He set up a tripod with a remote cable release, which the monkeys played with. He would sell the pictures to media outlets in order to bring awareness to the plight of the endangered monkeys, who the locals would shoot and roast. in 2011, a user took the photos from DailyMail and put them on Wikimedia Commons, saying "the work of a non-human animal, it has no human author in whom copyright is vested", which would put the photos in the public domain.

If I didn't pull the camera's trigger, do I still get to hold copyright? In the monkey case it's a monkey hitting a button, but with a camera trap the animal is not intentionally interacting with the equipment. but at the same time the monkey selfie was no accident, the guy has travel expenses and his business is suffering and he lost the joy of photography. Why destroy his life on a technicality? The man took the damn photos by giving the damn monkeys the damn button, damn it.

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    Is this a question or a rant? The case was settled in the photographer's favor and the judge poisoned the well for similar ridiculous lawsuits in the future.

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    If you file the paperwork to register the pictures. If they get all over the internet before you file, then it’s too late.

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